If you’ve been a leader long enough, you know that meeting targets does not necessarily make you feel fulfilled.  It’s great and you love the recognition, but then what?  Is this really all that you’re about? Does the cycle of “success” start to become boring to you?

Too many leaders lead with numbers, instead of purpose. And that minimizes employee engagement and creates mediocre or short-lived performance.  But temporarily, you are “successful,” right?

So let’s redefine “success.”  Is it only about meeting numbers, achieving target, making budget? I assume you’re good at all that already and if you’re not, we have tools to help you as well.  But do you feel fulfilled? Do you feel you’re making a difference?  Does your team feel fulfilled doing what they do? Do they feel engaged?  Or do they just work for money and can’t wait for the weekend?

People want to find meaning and fulfilment in what they do.  So how can leaders like you step up from being great producers of short-term goals to becoming people developers to create a more sustainable results and feeling more fulfilled in the process?

That’s what I’m passionate about. Living and leading with purpose. Helping people to find fulfilment every day they work.

I coach high level leaders, expatriates, established business owners who want to step up in their leadership.  I assume you know how to be a level 3 leader; you know how to produce results.  Now I challenge you to take your leadership to level 5; become the person that inspires people to perform at their best.

I have coached executives to:

Get clarity of their identity, values, beliefs, behaviors, and personal goals

Choose the most resourceful environment to be in order to get the best out of themselves

Develop and empower their team to step up

Find better balance and harmony between work and life

Handle failure and self-criticism that naturally comes to high-achievers

Be more purposeful in their leadership

Increase employee engagement

Your company needs better leaders. Your country needs better leaders.  Your children need better role models.  And most importantly, YOU want to be a better you.  Find your true north, your true passion, your true strengths… and enjoy life and work at your best.

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