Coach: You can decide your career.

Employee: That’s not exactly true because my organization is really bureaucratic and my boss is a real pain.

Coach: And why did you choose to work there?

Employee: Well, because I have no other choice. They were the only people who accepted me.

Coach: So why don’t you think the others accepted you?

Employee: I dunno. I guess I didn’t have the right requirements.

Coach: So for how long have you decided not to develop yourself?

Employee: Well, I am not really into reading and self development stuff. I just don’t have time.

Coach: Ah, do you think you’ll keep having this problem if you don’t develop yourself?

Employee: Ummm, I guess so.

Coach: So when will you decide to prioritize your personal development?

Employee: But it’s no use. Corporates these days are so darn bureaucratic. The bosses don’t listen anymore. I don’t have much power in my position.

Coach: So you are telling me that managing stake holders is a challenge for you?

Employee: Yeah.

Coach: Do you think you can influence people even if you are not in a position of power?

Employee: Well, I’ve seen another colleague do it, but I’m not like him. I can’t do that.

Coach: Yet…

Employee: Well, I guess I can learn.

Coach: If you want to…

Employee: Well, yeah.

Coach: Why would you want to?

Employee: I dunno. It’s really frustrating where I am right now. I am sick and tired of all this.

Coach: I know what you mean. So if you did decide to learn, it would be to get out of your frustration? What else would drive you?

Employee: Well, if I knew I can get a good raise in the future. Or advance in my career.

Coach: So you learn first or you earn first?

Employee: I guess I learn before I earn.

Coach: Good, now you’re making sense. So when do you want to start?

Employee: (You fill in the blanks for yourself here)