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Your Question:

Should I post my product pricing on my Instagram and website?

Our Answer:

Post your prices clearly on your sites and social media accounts

Direct potential clients to your site so they can understand what to expect with regards to costs. Let’s get out of the habit of pushing customers away by closely guarding pricing as a big secret.  If you don’t post your prices (or at least a starting price) most people are going to assume you are too expensive for them. They’ll never even contact you.

You’ll waste your time taking potential clients through an inquiry process when they can’t afford your services to begin with. By posting your prices, you are more likely to receive inquiries from serious buyers because they already know how much you charge, have seen your products , and are clearly interested in buying them from you!

If you want to learn more about value based pricing, the incredibly awesome Chris Lema wrote a book on it which we highly recommend. Be confident in yourself. Post your prices proudly!