Women’s ability to lead is undoubtedly proven. I am not badgering on men, because they make great leaders too. But I am specifically talking about how we can believe in ourselves more when we go out there and work in a society where women leaders are still a minority. It is time for us to step up to the opportunity, even when no one is offering. Many of those who have encouraged me personally in my journey to leadership are men. They want to seek the richness in diversity in leadership teams, and learn from what women have to offer in terms of business and leadership wisdom. Many people believe in us. It’s time for us to believe in us too.

Lead Yourself

Before you start trying to lead the world, remember that you need to start with yourself. This is what I call self-mastery, and it includes:

1. Getting clarity over your purpose, identity, and goals

2. Choosing useful attitude, beliefs and values that builds a great energy around you

3. Managing your own time to enable you to live a harmonious, healthy, and successful life

4. Developing yourself in useful skills that enable you to achieve your goals faster

5. Being a role-model that inspires others

Lead Your Family

Many social norms put the man at the head of the family, but I believe in many cases, the woman is the neck that turns the head. Put aside the expectation of who “should” be leading and realize within yourself the ability to be at least equal to your partner in family leadership. I have found many women who are the backbone that supports their families and are enjoying a harmonious relationship with their partner. In leading your family, remember these:

1. What is the common goal you want to achieve as a family?

2. What are the family values that it will uphold?

3. How will finances be managed?

4. What are the family rituals that keep it together?

5. How will you maintain romance with your husband despite daily demands as parents?

Lead the Business or Organization

You may be leading for-profit or non-profit organizations, but you’re still a group leader. In leading organizations, think about:

1. How to get people to a common goal?

2. How to build a common culture and values?

3. How to set goals and create an action plan to achieve it?

4. How to select the right strategies to get massive results? (Sales, Marketing, Operations, Team)

5. How to keep people accountable on their execution and celebrate wins?

6. How to get the right person in the right position?

7. How to master your finances and make decisions based on facts, not feelings?

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