It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the apps out there and avoid downloading any at all. But if you’re a busy professional with the right combination of apps, you can become more efficient and more effective in your work. Here are 10 apps worth your time in order to help you leverage your time more effectively

SwiftKey: (iOS; Android) Have you ever sent an urgent text to a co-worker, only to have auto correct jumble it up into something indecipherable? This app replaces your default keyboard with one that adapts to the way you type. It more accurately corrects typos and helps you type faster.

SignEasy: (iOS; Android) Need to sign an important document in hurry? It can be inconvenient to print out the doc, sign it, and then scan it. SignEasy helps you e-sign PDFs and Word docs anytime, anywhere. 

Circa: (iOS; Android) Savvy professionals should always be up to speed on current events, don’t you think? Circa provides each day’s leading news stories in easy-to-read format, so you can quickly digest headlines over lunch or during a coffee break.

Mint: (iOS; Android) This app helps you keep an eye on your hard-earned money. Monitor multiple bank accounts and investments all in one place. Plus, the app helps you pay bills on time and budget for big expenses.

Pocket: (iOS; Android) Ever come across a great article online but don’t have time to read it? This app can save articles (and videos) directly from your browser. It even works when you don’t have WiFi—so you can view saved content on the subway or even on a plane.

Trello: (iOS; Android) This project management app reigns supreme. Trello is great for collaborating with a team—especially when brainstorming ideas, allocating tasks, and monitoring checklists.

TeuxDeux: (iOS) Tired of constantly rewriting your lengthy to-do list on a paper notepad each day? Manage your daily to-dos in one place with TeuxDeux. Easily mark off finished tasks, while unfinished to-dos are rolled over to the next day.

TurboScan: (iOS; Android) This handy app allows you to take pics of documents with your smart phone and then turn them into PDFs or jpegs. Gone are the days for storing heaps of hard-copy receipts, contracts, and other paperwork.

30/30: (iOS) When you’re pulled in a 100 different directions at work, it can be hard to focus. 30/30 helps manage your work cycles by setting timers for tasks. When a timer is running, you can focus on getting one task done without distractions.

Doodle: (iOS; Android) When scheduling a meeting with many people from different workplaces, email chains can get out of control. Doodle lets meeting participants submit their daily schedules and then comes up with feasible meeting times for everyone.