We received several emails asking some tips on how to choose a good online course.  Nowadays, there are all kinds of course and training  that can help you learn the skills you need to know for various work at home industries. But, you’ll notice most of the courses (with a few exceptions) aren’t too inexpensive. You definitely don’t want to be feeling buyer’s remorse, so here are several things to ask yourself before you make the purchase.

Can you honestly afford it right now?

It might be so tempting to click “purchase”, but you don’t want to spend money that you need for other things. Check for payment plans if the course is seriously out of your budget and you’re in a hurry to get started. Many course creators are now offering them.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Not all courses come with these, but many do. You can definitely feel safer about spending the money if you can get your money back provided the course doesn’t help you, or just isn’t what you thought it would be. But be aware that most of the time, these money-back guarantees are only an option for the first 30 days after you’ve purchased the course, so be sure to make a decision before time runs out.

Does the course creator really know their stuff?

Investigate the person behind this course and make sure they are truly qualified to teach you.

Are there testimonials?

Check to see what other people who have already been through the course thought about it. Were they successful after the fact? For obvious reasons, course creators likely will not share any negative reviews publicly on their websites, but you might find them if you look. If there are social media accounts set up for these courses, you can dig through the comments to uncover some good, honest information left by people who already made the purchase. However, for sure take into account whether there are more positive reviews than negative ones before you let negative reviews scare you off.

Is the course really going to teach you anything new?

This is something I have to think about before I purchase any blogging courses because I’ve been doing this for over five years now. While I know there is always more to learn, I have to feel sure the person I’m learning from can teach me something new. And the same should go for you. If you’re taking a course in something you already know a little bit about, do all the research you can to confirm there is something new there for you before you spend your money.

Have you shopped around for similar courses?

Comparison shopping is a good thing! Before you buy one course, check to see if there are other, similar courses out there. Then do your research to try and determine which one is going to give you the most bang for your buck.

Does the course give you the opportunity to “try before you buy”?

I mention this because many courses come with a free week or a free “intro course” just to help you get an idea of what it covers and whether or not you’d be cut out to do what you’re learning about. This is great because it can help prevent that buyer’s remorse.

This post is not meant to discourage you from buying online course. I have been through a few myself and can definitely say I learned a lot. But, these courses cost money and are usually a huge time commitment, so it’s best to put a lot of thought and research into one before you buy it.