Editor’s Note: We are pleased to have Mia McCarthy from Australia to share her experience to overcome her startup fears. Mia founded Yummia in 2011 as a hobby while she was 22 years old and still studying Primary Education at Macquarie University. Since then, the product has grown in popularity, and the company has become the first in Australia to create ready-made bircher muesli in a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) capacity. Mia recently launched the Yummia Yoghurt range – the first yogurt range in Australia with a fruit and vegetable offering.

Competition is there, it is a healthy part of business.

I’ve always been somebody that loves a plan. I plan my jobs with a checklist (and relish in crossing them off), outfits that I plan on wearing, holidays including what I’ll eat for dinner on the second Monday of every third month (okay the last bit is an exaggeration, however you get the picture).

When it comes to my business I’m a little different, in terms of my daily planning obsession. I absolutely have a plan, a checklist, whistle and clipboard to get the jobs kicked and train running. However, for someone that loves to plan so much I don’t have a specific to the point Business Plan.

Yummia has a goal, absolutely I have an end picture of what I want Yummia to be, although sometimes the steps change although the dance always remains the same. I think by allowing flexibility in the steps of a business allows it to remain relevant and opportunistic to seize new horizons when they present themselves. It also makes it a little less fearful when you have little steps and allow flexibility into your business, you know at any time you can change the sails with the direction of the wind.

One of the biggest ways I believe you can overcome start-up fears is just get started.

When you are starting a business it can be scary, daunting and exciting all at the same time. You are walking uncharted territory and unsure of what the outcome will be, although I find by focusing on the little steps and running my own race it makes the big journey easier to digest.

I start by looking at what I need to do to achieve an immediate outcome, that can be what sales I need to make, how many cartons we need to ship, what logistics company we are using to achieve these sales and how I will achieve these smaller goals.

I’ve always run with the saying ‘fake it til you make it’ and no truer is this in the virtual world of social media. Something I was a bit of a ‘laggard’ in entering. This new world of marketing and all access can be exposing and scary. Comparisons are easy to make when comparing your business.

It’s important to focus on what you have and what you can control. I often have to remind myself of what Yummia has on the table right now. Competition is there. It is a healthy part of business but consider it. Painting on the wall and it hangs there and can create some atmosphere although should not control your business or it’s path.

One of the biggest ways I believe you can overcome start-up fears is just get started. Once you start the immediate fears will dissipate as your to-do list grows longer. There is no time to spend on indulging fears there will be orders to fill and deadlines to meet!