Can you tell us about your business? What are you doing exactly?

LOCA  “Your Needs and Wants”  is a local fashion brand. We specialize in making sack-bag. Traditional fabric of  Indonesia is our main material to create the bag.

We believe that modern life style shouldn’t change our identity as Indonesian. That’s why you’ll find mixture of modernity and locality in LOCA. Our bags are limited so we can keep them special.

We are all architecture students of Parahyangan Catholic University  and our educational background influence the way we create our bag design.


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How did you come up with your business idea?

The business idea came up when we were doing some home-works and during our casual chatting. We were thinking how to raise some money while we were still in college. We simply thought to create something and then to sell it.

Why sack-bag? Our idea was to create a simple and stylish unisex product. Our design is inspired by building architecture. In architecture we know that every building should be able to accommodate its function, have locality and conceptual design. It is how we create our sack bag; it is like a building.

How did you raise money to fund your business?

We used our own savings to fund this business.

How do you promote your products/services?

We promote and sell our sack-bag through social media such as Instagram, Line and Path. Family and friends also help us to promote our product. We also made special promotions to attract more customer.

What do you see yourself and the business in a 3 years’ time?

For the next 3 years, we will spread our business wider and wider. We’re going to produce more new products and supply them to stores in Indonesia and worldwide. Hopefully we could have our own store, create job opportunities and inspire people with our success.

What advice do you have for someone looking to start their own business?

If you want to start a business with a partner, you have to be with partners who have the same vision and commitment. Trust each other and have a good relation by having a good communication.

If you want to start a business by yourself, you have to trust yourself and be confident. You have to have more time and money to run your business too.   Having a strong concept helps you to create unique identity for your business.

If you run business while you are studying, you have to manage your time wisely.