There’s a danger to having a business that depends on people. They may leave, betray you, or they may simply be unfit to work anymore.  And you’re left to start from zero.

Learn how to build an effective business system so that you can start enjoying an autopilot biz.

Before I start, how many of you have ever built a system that your staff forgot about, never used, or resisted?

SYSTEM stands for Saving Yourself Stress, Time, Energy & Money.

So remember, if the system doesn’t save your staff Stress, Time, Energy & Money, they will most likely not follow it.  So keep it simple, keep it relevant and if possible, automate it.

Out of all the tasks you have in your business, 80% can be systematized.  Yes, there is the 20% that we need to “humanize” but the point is to have a business that depends on a system as much as possible.

With a clear system in place, all you need now is to teach it to the team.  And when a member of that team leaves, it is usually easier to find a replacement to follow the system and continue the work. A few notes on system-creation:

You only systematize something when you’ve got a proven model 

Let’s say you’re creating a marketing system. Try and test different strategies and find those that consistently work, and then systematize it.  If you try to systematize something that hasn’t been tried, you may be wasting your time revising and editing your system later on.

Make sure your people know why you’re creating a system 

At the end of the day, you want your people to follow your system and for some of them, this may be a shift from the regular way of doing things.  Unless you sell the importance of a system, your people may resist or do not fully understand the reason behind the exercise.  Explaining the why and enrolling people in the project helps to optimize the effectiveness of your system.

Try it on a different person to see if it really works 

If you’re creating a sales script as part of a sales system, try it on your accounting person. If this accounting person can use the script and close the sale, then the script works and it deserves to be included in your system.

In the next blog, we’ll talk more about creating better systems in your organization. From now till then, start thinking of the time you waste duplicating work, re-teaching things to staff, and see if creating some systems in your organization can save you more time and frustration.

Make it a great week !

Image courtesy : wethepeoplestyle