Tell us about how you landed your position as Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran? 

I have always loved creating experiences, whether it be through an online experience or in-person. As Maya Angelou puts it, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget you made them feel.” When I was given the trust to manage the family owned 5-star resort in Bali, I immediately took the opportunity and claimed the title “Chief Experience Officer” (CXO).

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What is your education background? Have your career goals shifted since college/university?

I moved to Vancouver in 2004 to continue my education and upon graduating from high school in 2007, I enrolled in the Interactive Arts and Technology program at one of Canada’s top universities, Simon Fraser University. Technology has always been a big part of me and in fact, it was my dream to be a Nokia Reseller when I was in elementary school.

As my final project, I completed a working prototype of a wearable navigation system for the visually impaired with the help of the Canadian National Institute. However, it was too advanced for its time so unfortunately we had to pause the project. I then worked at Hootsuite for 3.5 years. In my last position, I led their global ambassador programs and successfully increased its membership by 879% in just a little over a year. I am passionate about many things and I am grateful for all the opportunities given to me.

How do you manage to keep your competitive edge in the industry?

Staying humble. I am never satisfied with my own work and always find ways to improve it. I take inspirations from anything, anyone, and anywhere. Keeping an open and creative mind is the secret to keep my competitive edge in this evolving world.

What is typical work day like for you?

I am currently pursuing my MBA degree so my typical work day is a rather interesting one. I would go to school early in the morning and reply to a couple email in class (oops!). Due to the time difference, the work day in Bali actually just starts around 4pm Vancouver time.

So while doing homework at night, I would consistently chat with my team in Bali through WhatsApp or skype until I have to go to bed, usually around 2am. It’s not the best setup and I do prefer working in person and on the same timezone, but this way I get to pursue my studies and manage the hotel at the same time!

Best moment of your career so far?

When we successfully raised $8800 in one evening to open a dance school to preserve Bali’s rich culture. With so many hotels in Bali, it’s a challenge for the locals to keep their culture and we acknowledge that by hosting a charity night with the support of many local artists and a dance maestro.

What is your life motto/favourite quote?

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” – Lewis Caroll



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Life is not about the rat race so live life to the fullest!


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Snuggle time with my hedgehog Quinn


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Hosting events


Summer berries and tropical fruits