Tell me a little bit about your background – how did you get to where you are today?

My mom is my biggest influence and inspiration growing up. She is very artistic and smart. She surrounded me with crayons, legos, and puzzles so I had no choice but to fall in love with art and design.

I got my bachelor’s degree in interior architecture and design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and completed San Francisco State University’s MBA program. During my nine years stay in the city,  I worked in an office furnishing company, taught digital imaging in the Academy of Art, and did a few interior design freelance jobs.

About 2 years ago, I went back to Jakarta to work at Vinoti Living as part of the design team.

What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on right now?

I am opening a bed and breakfast in Bali, as a part of Vinoti Living three stories building (restaurant and furniture store on 1st floor, furniture store on 2nd floor, room for rent on 3rd).

What is the most important lessons you have learned from your business life?

To be successful, you have to find a balance between doing and making what you love and giving what the customers want. If you don’t love what you do or produce, you will quickly get tired and unmotivated. At the same time you have to be smart and learn on what to sell and what to work.

What do you love the most about yourself?

I think I am pretty adaptable. I try to always go with the flow and roll with the punches. A few times I am surprised myself with how I was able to overcome challenges or complete a difficult task/projects. Also, I feel blessed that I have an eye for beauty. I think that’s something people either have or don’t.

The role fear plays in our daily lives. How do you keep motivated to overcome your fear?

The biggest fear for most people at work is probably the fear of failure. And two things help me overcome it:

1) I am usually quick to accept new projects and challenges without giving myself too much time to think about all the details because I know I have the tendency to overthink things. This allows me to push myself outside my comfort zone and grow.

2) During the first semester of my MBA program, I learned about “Sunk Cost” and it changed my outlook quite a bit. Realizing that there’s nothing I can do to fix anything that’s already been done. It keeps me from dwelling on mistakes too long.

Other than that, I’m also very lucky to have such loving and understanding people around me who support me in all of my life and career choices.

What comes next to your world?

Managing the new bed and breakfast in Bali will be my next challenge. Hopefully I will be successful in that while maintaining my involvement in Vinoti Living.

I believe 

In God

 The goodness of people

 We have to be nicer to our planet

If we really put our mind into something, we can do it

Everything will work out in the end


Daily must have



Humor / comedy (something to make me smile)

Under eye concealer


 Things I love

My family

My fiancé

My friends

Good food




Saturday mornings


Creating beautiful things


Good, funny tv shows / movies