Tell me a little bit about your background – how did you get to where you are today?

I moved to United States four  years ago. Growing up, I loved drawing Manga. I even wanted to be Mangaka (cartoon artist). I drew whenever I was bored at school, I even created my own comic book which later taken by my teacher because I drew a comic book instead of listening to her class.

Anyway, I know that I have always been an art person. I wasn’t the smartest person at school. After I graduated from high school, honestly I didn’t know what  I really wanted to be and I have forgotten being a Mangaka. I already moved on. I decided to get into interior design, because I have always loved playing the sims. No joke, that was what I said to everyone when they asked why I chose that major because I also like decorating. Thus I thought interior design was the closest thing to do what I like as a job.

After spending my first year of  interior design college in 2011, I  was keen to move to the United States, and fortunately my credits could be transferred  and I had only to continue my study in Indonesia for the next one year. Before moving to the US, I took a makeup class. At that time, I wasn’t interested to be a makeup artist. I just wanted to learn how to do it on myself. However, my friend, who was later to be my first makeup teacher, convinced me to take the pro class instead of regular self-makeup class. So I did the whole professional program before I left to the US. It turned out I loved it very much. I love doing makeup on other people. I love making women feel more confident about themselves.

I ended up working as a makeup artist and also studying interior design when I got settled in the US. I lived in Seattle to pursue my education in interior design until one day I realized that it was not my passion. I don’t want to do it for a career. I want to do what I love. Therefore I quit after attending interior design major for 3 years. I made up my mind to focus on makeup and took another makeup classes with a makeup school and private class with one of celebrity makeup artist and global educator in Los Angeles.

I  have been pursuing my career as a full time Makeup Artist for the last three years. I specialize in weddings. I usually return to Indonesia every year to share my knowledge in makeup and moreover, being able to teach my students. It brings joy to my heart to share some experiences with other.

What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on right now?

I have been gathering my thoughts and ideas on several things that I cannot really talk right now until it comes to life. But recently I have been doing many youtube videos and vlogs – Vinna Gracia. It has been added as my new hobby!

What is the most important lessons you have learned from your business life?

I have learned that we can’t please everyone. You can’t please all your clients. You’ll meet someone rude, or really comes off as annoying, that I now see first if my clients have the right attitude or not. I had times when I had to suck it up and deal with it. I don’t want to handle rude clients anymore. I do what I do to be happy, not to be depressed. I would rather not accepting clients rather than having myself disrespected by clients or having to deal with rudeness.

What do you love the most about yourself?

My sense of humor, and my ability to make others laugh when they need it.

The role fear plays in our in our daily lives. How do you keep motivated to overcome your fear?

Always surround yourself with positive energy. If someone around you brings you down instead of lifting you up, better cut the cord. Focus on your dreams and acknowledge the fact that all successful people had their own fears, yet they turned it into their strength.

What comes next to your world?

Going back to Indonesia for four months and teaching my students. I am always looking forward to meeting them and sharing my journey. It is very priceless to me.


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A humble heart


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Eyebrow pencil


Elizabeth & James perfumes

My SONY camera


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Milk tea with boba


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