There’s no quick fix when it comes to eating right and staying fit. Still, with a smartphone in the palm of your hand, it’s easier than ever to track all of the different elements of a healthy life. With this in mind, we set out to discover the best health applications to improve our fitness and wellness. Here are some helpful health and wellness apps to get you in great shape — and maybe have some fun in the process. You just simply download them for staying on top of your health.

Health and intellect are the two blessings of life

The Nudge

The Nudge Factor gives you an overall snapshot of your health so you know what areas need improvement (fitness, diet, sleep, etc.). Nudge creates a single health score that you can compare with friends and family, no matter what fitness app and tracker they use.

Here is Nudge’s website.


Everyone loves eating out, but sometimes it is hard when you are also trying to eat healthy. If this is a problem for you, try this app.  Just enter your location, add any filters for dietary restrictions, and HealthyOut will give food options which follow what you are looking for! It can even suggest dishes that you are in the mood for!

Here is HealthyOut’s website.


A running app built for you and your busy life!  This app enables you to plan personalized routines around your schedule.  In addition, easy-to-read goal charts are available and help you stay motivated to keep up with your workouts! This app also includes coaching, challenges, connections with friends, audio cues, and workout comparisons!

Here is RunKeeper’s website.


Everyone knows it is a challenge to drink the recommended amount of water each and every day.  This app helps you do so in such an easy way! With its daily reminders and charts to keep you motivated, this app will keep you hydrated as long as you continue to check your phone!

Here is Waterlogged’s link to purchase on iTunes.


It’s back to basics with this app that grades foods from A to D. Fooducate also provides nutritional information and healthy alternatives. Available on iOS and Android (free).

Here is Fooducate’s website.