Can you tell us about your business? What are you doing exactly?

Gloves On is a business about terrariums. Terrariums are a way of bringing the outdoors in. A glass container filled with usually cactus and succulents. We arrange the layers of pebbles and sand then arrange the plants by ourselves. We make it big by doing small. My business partner and I sell the product online.

I am in charge in managing marketing including social media, photos, and dealing with customers. I also handle  purchasing and make the terrarium but just in small portion.

Instagram | gloves.on       

How did you come up with your business idea?

Plants is my passion. I love gardening, but do not have time and place to make a big one like a backyard. We see terrarium is a modern gardening that people can put on desk as decoration, or make it as gift for any occasions. I see that people nowadays need something fresh and modern; something simple and beautiful.

 How did you raise money to fund your business?

We started this small business with low investment because we made it by order. At first we used our own saving to buy the plants and glass. We also minimized the expenses by using our own goods at first.

How do you promote your products/services?

At this moment, we promote our products online only; mostly on Instagram. The reason why we use Instagram because our customer target is young urban people. They typically spend more than 4 hours on Instagram. We post our product and share beautiful images to attract more people. We also use our personal social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Path) to promote Gloves On. We also do an endorsement to several popular Instagram.

What do you see yourself and the business in a 3 years’ time?

I see Gloves On will be bigger than now. We do hope we can ship outside Surabaya, as there are many people ask for it. More shapes  and variants on the media, also a pop up store. A small one with modern decoration, maybe inside a cafe or a mall.

What advice do you have for someone looking to start their own business?

Don’t be afraid to fail. I believe building a business is the best investment you can make in yourself.  You will learn a lot from zero and create a good one, even more, a best one. If you  plan to have a good business partner, choose the one you can be crazy with and really trust.