Can you tell us about your business? What are you doing exactly?

Forget Me Not main focus is to create beautiful Pattern and Illustrations and to apply them on various products such as stationery (personalized and greeting cards, notepads, notebooks), wearable (fashion bags, pouches, clutches, etc.) and home decoration (canvas print, cushion cover, softies).

All of our products are created from hand drawn illustrations and coloured mostly with watercolour paint. The drawings are then processed digitally and combined with fonts, backgrounds, etc. using Photoshop and Illustrators to create the design for the products.

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How did you come up with your business idea?

I always love stationery since I was small. I like to collect greeting cards and letter set especially the ones from Japan and USA. I also like to draw so I learn to use watercolour by joining a short course at Zebra Art in Plaza Adorama, Kemang. After that I tried to learn by myself and join watercolour workshops. My favourite one is by Mau Belajar Apa and Big Bear and Bird who is also a very well known watercolour artist.

I created Forget Me Not in 2008 because I saw the market on Personalized Stationery and Cards in Jakarta were still very big. There are only a few players and most of them are selling at very expensive price. No body offer a personalized card set with reasonable pricing. So Forget Me Not started by focusing on printed stationery : cards and notepads. The respond was very good although I can see that market for personalized stationery is very niche.

From there we keep on developing and adding more products to complement the stationery products. Now our best seller products are Softies and Passport Pouches.

How did you raise money to fund your business?

I was fortunate enough because we have a family printing company called Adorama to support us. Forget Me Not is created as a sub-division of Adorama Lifestyle Printing.

What was the biggest challenge with running your business?

Educating the market about our products and why we are pricing them more expensive than some other products in the market. I have to explain that all designs are created from scratch and are exclusive to our brand. All products are also locally made in Jakarta and made in limited editions so they are not massive productions.

Sometimes competing with the seller who sell products from China or Thailand is a big challenge because they can sell their products really cheaply and to be honest their quality is not bad either. We just have to believe in our products and those people who can appreciate the difference are willing to buy them.

How do you promote your products/services?

Mostly Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We are going to make a e-commerce website too in this year. We also join bazaars in the malls to help grab more market.

What advice do you have for someone looking to start their own business?

Research the market and focus yourself on what you do. You need to have something special that differentiate your product from others and concentrate on it.

Prepare yourself to work hard, having your own business is not easy. Sure it is very rewarding but you need to work hard to achieve it.