Can you tell us about your business?

The  name of our bakery is Delicakes, and the person behind this are only my husband and myself from mid 2012.

Website | 

Instagram | shopdelicakes

How did you come up with your business idea?

We came up with the idea of making cupcakes just because my husband and I really wanted to build our own business. Why cupcakes? Really it was a crazy idea, we both like to watch cooking television and when we discussed about business, the TV program was about a cupcakes business in New York, and just like that we rush ourself to the nearest grocery store and started making cupcakes late at night.

What do you love about running your business?

I love it because it’s fun, flexible, and we love what we do. In terms of family we totally love our business since the kitchen is in our home, and we do all the administration in the house as well. Being a mom, I can juggle between nursing the baby and my 5 year old as well as running the business at the same time. It is really a dream job!

How did you raise money to fund your business? 

Basically we started our business with only 3 millions rupiah as the basic fund, and we sold on a small batch. After several months, we started selling a medium batch and large batch and until now. We fund our business from the sales. Well basically, we manage to use our money and make it happens.

How do you promote your products?

At the beginning we promote our cupcakes sales with twitter and website as well. Yet nowadays our core social media platform is the instagram to showcase our latest creation.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to start her own business?

Try .. Try.. and try.. Do not be afraid to try.  If you don’t know, learn about it. And do everything with passion first and money will come along.