Yes you can… I know you can… and I’m here to help you. But first, let’s be aware of something. Not everyone is like you.  Not everyone behaves like you, has the same values in life, believes what you believe, and thinks like you.  So now that we’re done with that, let’s move on.

There are 4 basic types of behaviours… This is different than personalities. Behavioural styles indicate how people actually behave, despite their own personality.  What makes them behave in that way are the roles they play in that situation and the objective they’re trying to achieve.

So you may see someone with an introverted personality behave extrovert if they understand how to master themselves and decide that a particular situation needs extroverted behaviour. A person like that has reached a level of “awesomeness” because of the way they have been able to overcome their natural tendencies and adapt themselves accordingly.

Now for you to reach your level of awesomeness, see this presentation to get to know the 4 behaviour types, how they lead, and the top 3 tips that can be used to improve your personal leadership.