Tell me a little bit about your background – how did you get to where you are today?

I have always been interested in the arts and throughout my educational and early career, I was always focused in the creative field. My decision to make art as my profession was a natural progression within my creative development.



What is the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

I just wrapped up a Solo Exhibition at Salihara Art Center in Jakarta. It was an experience and opportunity that I would never take for granted. I am a part of 3 other exhibitions that are also coming up soon and ongoing at the currently (which are taking place in Ruci Art Space, Art Jakarta and Ciputra Artpreneur)

What is the most important lessons you have learned from your business life?

Knowing and respecting your own worth as much as the people you work with.



What is one big financial goal you still have for yourself? What are your strategies to pursue it?

Bigger budgets in art obviously creates more opportunities and creative freedoms. I would like to continue to sustain from my art practice and hope to expand financially to be able to finance and accomplish bigger projects.  I plan to continue the growth and development of my practice and continue to build the team around me. With the right people to help with the vision, the easier and more manageable it is to pursue.

The role fear plays in our daily lives. How do you keep motivated to overcome your fear?

I remind myself that fear usually comes from the unknown, and there is equal chances of things going in my favor as much as it doesn’t as it has yet to happen. So I try to focus all my energy on things I can control and actively try to let go of things that I can not.

What comes next to your world?

More projects, in more countries outside of Indonesia hopefully. Married life and relocation.


 I believe

 In quality over quantity


Daily must have

A proper lunch break that does not involve work


Things I love

 Art and almost anything related to creativity, proper sidewalks and sesame seeds