Can you tell us about your business? What are you doing exactly?

Arlesienne Pastry is an online-based pastry boutique, specializing in Choux Pastry.  Choux paste, is a paste made of flour, water, butter, and eggs — it’s slightly thicker than a batter, but not quite as thick as a dough.

Our humble kitchen is located in Sunter area from where we deliver the freshest, baked-by-order Choux Pastry using only high quality ingredients.

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How did you come up with your business idea?

In 2015, I attended baking classes just for hobby and suddenly felt in love with Croustillant Choux. I thought it was very unique and it hasn’t been sold widely in Jakarta yet.  Therefore, I decided to start my own pastry business, Arlesienne Pastry. I was grateful being supported by family and friends.

How did you raise money to fund your business?

Arlesienne Pastry was initially funded by my own savings from working full-time.

How do you promote your products/services?

My family & friends are helping me to promote the pastry. I also use online marketing via Facebook & Instagram and regularly participate in F&B bazaars at shopping malls.

What do you see yourself and the business in a 3 years’ time?

I dream of becoming a successful woman entrepreneur and a housewife who inspires other women. I hope Arlesienne Pastry will have 3 shops in 3 years’ time and it becomes a business that takes good care of its employees and contributes to society.

What advice do you have for someone looking to start their own business?

Do research. Talk about your business ideas with experienced business owners, listen and get some advice from them. Then, make a plan and be brave and take the first step to make it happen.