Welcome to Eunoia Women, a personal finance blog for women in Asia – we are delighted to have you as part of our community. Our mission is to support more Female Entrepreneurs, Professional Women and Stay-At-Home Mom particularly in Indonesia to be financially secure and to succeed professionally and personally.

EUNOIA | (n.) beautiful thinking; a well mind.

We believe that Every Woman is beautiful for the way she thinks. Her beautiful thinking‘ is what makes our world exist and the foundation of what EUNOIA stands for.

Eunoia Women aims to empower, inspire and support more women in Asia to fix their financial life and to secure their financial future so they can pursue their passions in business or career and live their personal lives to the fullest.

Vera Lingga, the Founder, has been blogging about business, career, money, life and everything in between since 2011  (formerly Womanbizlife.com) which she re-branded in 2016 and you’re now on the new site.

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Personal Finance: about financial planning (goals), create budgets, smart spending, saving & investment, manage debts and other financial literacy.

Eunoia Women: about stories from passionate women in Asia who we have met personally.  Their business and career stories are very inspiring.

Personal Growth: we talk about productivity, goals, habits, inspiration and motivation.

Career & Business: whether you are looking to reinvent your career, get a promotion, or start your own business.




Meet The Founder


Vera Lingga | Editor & Personal Finance Writer  

Vera is passionate about inspiring women to become financially empowered so they can live their dreams and reach their goals in career, business and life. She is a freelance  writer, content creator and editor. Naturally, she found financial blogging as a passion. Vera is also a Certified Financial Planner with more than 20 years of professional experience and also driven to help people – specifically women – to plan a secure financial future. She has comprehensive corporate experience in  financial services, business operations, business development, project management both the public and private sectors.


Mila Masyhur |  Chief Community Relations

Mila is active in the community and loves to meet people. She continues to play an active role in business operations and development for Eunoia Women. Her positive professional manner and outgoing personality are a valuable asset to this inspiring blog. Mila is the co-founder of Eunoia Women and also passionate about the empowerment of women and young females to discover their authentic self and reach their highest potential. She enjoys spending her spare time in several organization activities. She has over 25 years of professional experience in several major corporation covering various managerial posts particularly in supply chain management and procurement for oil and gas industry.