Social media culture pushes you to share everything — every emotion, every thoughts, every event, every photo… you get the point.  Actually, there are many parts of your life to keep private, especially in the social media age. It’s important to think before you post, because you never really know who’s watching what you do. Here’s why you need to keep your private life private:

1. Your personal life 

If you’re complaining about always having people in your business, then stop putting your private life in people’s faces. You don’t need Entertainment Tonight following you around — you’re your own paparazzi and you only have yourself to blame. They will be judging you when your personal life is on display.

2. Your fight 

Keep your fights off of social media. It’s so important to know which parts of your life to keep private, and fighting is undoubtedly the most important one. It only makes you look immature and ridiculous. Your fights will always come back to you in ‘he said, she said’ form as all your friends let you in on their own version of the latest gossip. Stay away from social media fighting. You’ll thank yourself later.

3. Your love life 

Obviously this point comes with conditions. Talk about your love life on social media, if you feel comfortable with it! What happens in any relationship is between the two people involved, no one else. You don’t need anyone else’s opinion, just your own. So respect your partner and keep it to yourself.

4. Your safety 

Going on vacation? Don’t blast it over social media. Every piece of information you put out there can be used against you in a number of different ways, so stay private and stay safe.

5. Your audience

If you think potential employers won’t Google you and look for any public social media accounts, you’re dead wrong. It’s common practice for hiring managers to look you up online, and needless to say, making your private life public isn’t very professional. Remember your audience before you post. Again, this point comes with conditions.

Think before you share online and use suitable social media tools that will boost your social presence

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