Tired of pitching stories and cold-calling businesses? Out of ideas for optimizing your website design? If you’re ready to take your business to the next level but not sure where to begin, try these activities to refresh your brand and connect with potential clients you’ll love:

1. Create an intro video

If you’re doing business mostly online, clients can have a hard time feeling connected to you. Adding an intro video to your site is a great way to let your personality shine!

Be honest—as perky, goofy or stoic as you are in real life—to help clients know who they’re working with and ensure you’re connecting with people who want to work with you. Keep it short, and point to your website or portfolio at the end for more information.

2. Enter a contest

Aside from cool prizes and visibility, contests can give you an awesome branding boost, whether you place or not, because they ask you to clarify exactly how your business is the best at what you do.

They can push you outside of your comfort zone if the entry method is a media you haven’t explored or mastered yet. You’ll be forced to learn or hone skills that will help your business down the road.

3. Narrow your audience to one

Focus on one specific person to define your audience. Are you working with someone now, or can you think of someone, who is your ideal client?

Keep that person in mind (tack her picture over your desk if you have to!), and use her characteristics to create a business plan that meets her needs and a marketing strategy that commands her attention.

4. Create (digital) products to give away

Digital freebies are great in combination with your email newsletter—as incentives to sign up or as stand-alone free products on your website.

An info product like an eBook, or even a short pamphlet to give away at live events, can help you display your expertise. Give your audience a takeaway to help them remember you when they need your services.

5. Start a podcast or video series

Do you already have a blog or website? Expand your appeal and reach a wider audience by dabbling in other media. Help people who don’t read your blog discover you through channels like iTunes and YouTube.

You don’t need a ton of technical know-how to get started. Make the content valuable and interesting enough, and you don’t need to go hog wild with effects to get attention.

6. Start a mastermind group

A mastermind group is a few like-minded entrepreneurs or freelancers who refuse to let you fail. Meet periodically with the group to swap ideas and offer support and resources where they’re needed.

They’re also your accountability partners. If you share dreams, goals and plans, those pending check-ins are a great incentive to follow through!

7. Go on tour (with a book, speaking or workshops)

Instead of just another workshop or speaking engagement that provides a paycheck, design a tour to gain more attention. Give it a theme and create some hoopla around it!

Have a kickoff party, produce special schwag to give away, create a Twitter hashtag and write about it on your blog to help potential clients or future gigs find you online.