“Mimpi adalah kunci, untuk kita menaklukkan dunia…” this is my hymen. It tells exactly myself. Everything in me has been started from a DREAM. I have dreamed a lot, and I know, I got a lot too. The world may not realized it yet, but I know what I have been done. Therefore, I am here today.

When I was eleven years old. I lived with my parents in a simple house by the beach in Padang, West Sumatra. One fine afternoon when the sun downing, I was sitting with my cousin. We were counting those boats at the sea, and I said her a dream “one day, I would like to go around the world by the ship”.

It was a dream, but I never forgot it. Years later, I found a man that I thought would ruin my life, but God has listened to my dream. The man who later married me, is a Seaman. He took me sailing around the world from North Pole to South Pole. From West Coast to East Coast, yet to all paradises that people ever dreamed about.

When he proposed me at the first time, I just simple said “NO” because I heard about seaman’s life. But myself reminded me about A DREAM. Therefore, I accepted the purpose with sort of dilemma and conflicts that later I realized it was a “test” of what I DREAM.

Since then, I believe in A DREAM. I never stop dreaming about everything that my soul needs. I put my DREAM in everywhere that my eyes will easily catch and it keeps reminding me about the goal of what I am doing today.

1) Tell Your Dream

One day, out of blue, I told a friend, I wanna be a dancer. It was just an outspoken of me, because I never danced for public, but in my aerobic class. By a chance, my company sent me to an Asia-Australia Regional Conference. The committee set a rule, that all participants had to perform at least one traditional song or dance from their own country. I was trapped in the confusion, because I can’t sing at all, but I learned some dances. The problem was, all dances I learned, none was Indonesian traditional.

When they called my name “Poco-Poco” acrossed my mind. I jumped to the stage with confident, and it appealed all participants which was hundreds of them to dance with me; Poco-Poco. I made everyone dance, and they have enjoyed it so much, because they learned something new. The committee nominated me as a best dancer of the region at the night. Another dream came true!.

2) My Dream is My Goal

Oh, let me also share a silly story of mine. When I was younger, I did hate KOPAJA and Metro Mini, because they are always over passengers. I never felt convenience at all when ever I got in. Therefore, I complaint to life because it offered me a suffer. But then I said to myself “I got to set a goal”.

First goal was to find a better job with better benefits. I sent out hundreds mails with my CV to hundreds companies till I got what I needed. Therefore, I wanted to get a higher position because I hate typing and filing. The only one way to get higher is to work harder. I made myself competence and qualified to get the better offer.

Now, I stop complaining. I keep on dreaming and chasing the dreams. When the new year is beginning, so new goals and resolutions, new plans, new dreams and new directions fuel my thoughts. What is it about this annual “new” that causes us to reflect upon our lives and our accomplishments?

I believe each of us has a natural inclination to grow our self-esteem and capability through new accomplishments. Most of us want to make a difference in the world. Most of us want to live life as fully as we can. Thus, we annually draw a new line in the sand and claim a starting point for our next chapter.

3) Set Your Goal for Success

Yet, for all the initial enthusiasm, keeping yourself motivated, committed and moving toward the accomplishment of your goals, is often tough. Tired of setting goals and making resolutions which fade fast from your daily thoughts and actions? Consider adopting some or all of these tips to experience awesome success in accomplishing your goals and living your resolutions.

4) Own the Goal

Whether the goal is a promotion at work, a streamlined work process, a new customer, a published article, an exercise program or weight loss, the goal must be your goal. You are unlikely to achieve your manager’s goal, your spouse’s goal or the goal you think you “ought” to work on this year.

Your goals must generate excitement when you ponder their accomplishment. You must believe there is something in it for you to accomplish them.

Sometimes, especially at work, if you perceive the end reward is worth the work, you will take on challenges in support of the organization’s goals.

These goals might not be as close to your heart as your personal goals, but you work to achieve them for the good of the organization and your success there.

“A dream makes me able to walk extra miles, write extra pages, give me more than I ever thought. A dream makes me stronger more than a life ever offered ~ I am a dream chaser”