China, an ancient country of etiquette and ceremonies, is a complex and diverse country.  There are many things that you can do to impress your Chinese business partners. Learning about Chinese culture and a little Mandarin Chinese can go a long way to helping you to impress your Chinese business partners.

For those who are having a business relationship with China’s enterprises or clients, Chinese New Year will be the best time to develop your relationship with them.

In China, a term of relationship (Chinese: Guan Xì) is really common used and quite important to be maintained especially when you have a business relationship with its enterprises.

So, in order to improve your commercial prospects in China, it is highly advised to send your business partners or clients quite well with Chinese New Year greetings and gifts.

Plan & List

Sending greetings or gifts is not a simple task to do, if you consider giving it to your business partners in China. You should make a plan or schedule of who would you like to give. They might be your current and prospective business partners or clients.

Also, if you are planning to give some gifts for several managers & directors, make sure you won’t give the ‘lower’ level a better gift than the ‘upper’ one. It is very important to be noted as in China, they attach so much importance of the ‘hierarchy’ in business level.

Deliver Your Greetings

It is highly advised that you should send greeting cards, in hand written at least. For the greetings, you can write some words associated with new year and luck. For instance  guo nian hao (“happy getting past the old year!”),  gong he xin chun (“sincere congratulations on the new spring”), or more generic xi nian kuai le (“Happy New Year”).

You might hear a lot of gong xi fa cai (“I hope you get big money!”), yet it is not suggested  to be used in business approach, as it’s commonly used in friends, relatives or colleagues relationships. Apart from greetings, you can send small gifts, like high quality and branded food or drink. Please note, your gift should be wrapped in red colour to emphasize your consideration for the red-fortune symbol.

Be The Party Host

If your Chinese business partners or clients are situated at the same town with you, then you might want to consider hosting a dinner party. At the very least, you can ask them to simply have a dinner together.  Yet, if your partner do have about 25-30 employees, it’s better when you can also host a party with a banquet, entertainment, lucky draw, etc.

Overall, whether you currently have a business deal or about to consider having one with China’s enterprises, it is your time to develop a good relationship with them. Just remember to send greetings or gifts and wishing them luck and fortune, then at the end of day, the fortune itself will be your own fortune.