Planning and setting up your business in Jakarta is not limited to generate profit and marketing strategies. As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to look for an available office space. You need to carefully consider all options before deciding on renting your office space in Jakarta and signing a contract.

One of the first things that you must consider when looking for an office space is the rent. When discussing the cost of rent with the landlord, remember to ask how the rent is paid. Ask about the base rent, annual rent, free rate, security deposit, the period of lease and renewal options.

Location, Amenities and Public transportation

Aside from the cost of rent, consider the location of the office space. The success of some businesses can partly hinge on the proximity of the office to their target market or supplier. Research and look around for the most suitable rental location. There are new options available now that you can consider if you want to rent an office for your new start up business and your small business in Jakarta. The new options include co-working spaces, virtual offices and home offices. If applicable to your business, these options can help you save money on the high rental costs in the city.

Co-working spaces

One popular alternative to renting office spaces in urban centres such as Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong are the use of co-working spaces. These shared working environments can be practical for work-at-home professionals, freelancers, start-ups and small businesses.

The co-working spaces in Jakarta include Workout Coworking space Panglima Polim, Kolega Coworking Space Antasari, Cocowork The Maja Kebayoran, Creo Co-Working Space Kemang, Kenobi space Kemang, GoWork Coworking and Office MH Thamrin, Rework Sudirman CoWorking Space, Studio 41 Creative Space and many others. Most of these spaces require membership, but certain venues still allow guests to drop by for short visits.

Virtual Office

Even without a physical space, a virtual office package gives your business a corporate business address, dedicated phone numbers and fax numbers, personalised telephone answering service, mail handling service, and use of private offices on an ad-hoc basis.

Home Office

For small-scale businesses, a home office may suffice. A soho residential apartment can be practical for sole proprietors and professionals such as consultants, lawyers and real estate agents. To legally use your home as an office in Jakarta, you need to follow certain restrictions to avoid annoyance to your neighbors. For example, you cannot generate smoke, noise and other types of pollution; have more than two employees who do not live in the property; and display external signboards.