Running a business is straight-up hard. Trying to do everything by yourself is not only inefficient, it can also quickly drain your energy and prevent you from focusing on growing your business. So, what types of tasks and activities should you outsource? The tasks should meet one or more of these three criteria:

  1. [box type=”tick”]Tasks that are not part of your core competencies[/box]
  2. [box type=”tick”]Low level tasks that someone else could do at a cheaper rate than you can[/box]
  3. [box type=”tick”]Tasks/activities that you don’t enjoy doing[/box]

This is where outsourcing tasks come in—when you hand over tasks that could be done by others, you create room for extra income, opportunities and happiness in your business and life.

The good news is that technology has made it easier than ever to find skilled professionals around the world. Nowadays, small businesses as well as large corporations are taking advantage of outsourcing. You can get an expert in just about anything, avoid the hassle of bringing them on permanently and/or full-time, and it’s a great way to save money, get the best experts on board, and perhaps try them out for a potential permanent position in the future. Wondering what tasks you can outsource to make your life easier? Here are just a few ideas…


Graphic Design Work



Video Production

Social Media



Employee Training

Online/Offline Marketing Efforts

eBook Designing

Newsletter Management

eBook Writer


Public Relations

Lead Generation

Affiliate Work

Ecommerce Set-Up

App Development

Event Planning

Payroll Management