There are many other ways you can cut your expenses and have lots of your monthly income left to spend, save and enjoy.  While it will definitely require you to make tiny adjustments, saving some extra cash is totally worth it.

Trimming your everyday budget can add up to a sizeable savings.  Following 11 ways can help reduce your spending without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Stick to your grocery shopping list

Do your own manicure and pedicure

Look for online coupon before purchase

Instead of dining out, organise a potluck

Host a swap party with friends to sell items

Only use cash for fun spending to avoid over budget

Unsubscribe from retail email notifications and sales alert

Sell old items (clothes, shoes, bag etc) before buying a new one

Terminate your cable subscription and go for Netflix or Spotify

Create your own beauty products (body scrub, bath salts, soap etc)

Research Happy Hour Time when you want to eat in the fancy restaurant or cafe


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