Everyone is obsessed with how successful people start their day. And if you’ve decided to do something about the quality of your life, you’ll start working on developing a morning routine and trying different versions of it.  The evening routine is one of the most underestimated habits, and yet an absolute must when it comes down to changing how your day goes and whether you want to get stuff done. The actual routine starts an hour or two before going to bed, and you must turn it into a regular thing done in a certain hour if you want to see changes in your energy level, productivity, mood and motivation. We share some tips on how to get a healthier and happier sleep.

Eat smart

While it is generally recommended to not eat two hours before you sleep, some food with good natural sugars like kiwi can actually help your sleep cycles.


Exercising not only releases happy hormones but also aids in getting some good sleep. And no, we’re not talking about working out to the point that you’ll just collapse from fatigue. Exercise done in the right amounts can aid in blood circulation and improve overall health.


Ever noticed how relaxed you feel after taking even just a short shower? With a shower, the body temperature is regulated which in turn relaxes the body.


You don’t need meditation classes to calm your mind. Just sit for a few moments in silence and take deep, steady breaths. If you feel like chanting mantras, go ahead. Meditation can actually help you drift off to sleep.

Drink water

Keeping yourself hydrated all throughout the day is good for your body, but did you know keeping yourself hydrated at night can also do wonders for your sleep cycle? Drinking even just a single glass of water before going to bed will keep you from waking up unnecessarily in the middle of the night.


It’s a good thing to do at the end of your ritual, and even in bed. The reading process itself will help you fall asleep faster, if you struggle with that. And what your book will be about is your choice. But it’s important to leave the digital devices for tomorrow and have the company of a real book now. Also, this can be another opportunity to learn new stuff, get inspired, generate ideas or challenge your mind with some philosophical topics.


Now that the day’s over and you’re headed to bed, take a minute to say thank you. Go through all the opportunities you had, the nice people you met, the work you did and the goals you worked on, the nice meals you had and the great chats you had time for in that day, and be grateful. Now you’re ready to move on to the next day, where even more beautiful things will be waiting for you.

Write your journal

Sometimes, we have so much going on in our minds that you can’t seem to fall asleep. Instead of forcing yourself to fall asleep, why not take a notebook and write down all those thoughts running through your head? Research shows writing down something that’s stressing you out and physically then throwing it away can help clear your mind.

Plan your next day

That’s a simple and quick thing many leaders do each night and it helps them to get ready for the next day and know what they have to do right after they wake up, so that they won’t waste any time and can just start working on it. So spare a few minutes to make a to-do list, think of all the tasks – big or small – you need to get done tomorrow, even the non-essential ones. This way you won’t need to remember anything and will know exactly how the next day will go.

Sleep at a reasonable hour

Just because you can stay up late doesn’t mean you should. You need enough sleep in order to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. If you know you need at least eight hours of sleep, go to bed at the right time even if you feel like you still want to watch that late night TV show.

What you allow is what will continue

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