Tell me a little bit about your background – how did you get to where you are today ?

I was born in 1992 and came from a beautiful loving-caring family. My makeup journey began since I was a teenager. When I was in senior high school, I already joined several makeup classes and it was just for self makeup. However,   I chose to go to law school since it was also my other interest in study. I excelled my college degree within 3 years in business law. Along the way and after graduation, I felt that my passion for makeup continues to grow. While my other friends were still completing their master degrees, I quickly developed my makeup skill by attending several beauty classes in Jakarta. And then, I began to teach makeup. I love teaching and sharing my experience and of course get many new friends too. To be honest, I still can’t believe what I have right now and never really thought I could ever make a living from it. God gives me more than I asked. I never thought that I was able to develop my career so far. Currently, I specialize for  wedding makeup services and open my makeup class.

What’s the most exciting thing you’re working right now ?

For several years, I have developed my business in my humble boarding house and at my fiance’s home-office. But this year, I take a leap of faith in a bigger scale project by setting up my own makeup studio. By having a greater space, I am able to accommodate more students and to grow my team. I love preparing all the makeup class details and can’t wait to reveal them to all my students.

What is the most important lessons you have learned from your business life ?

I have learned that it takes commitment to be succeed in our job. I commit myself in my makeup work, give the best to my students, my clients and take responsibility to ensure my clients satisfactions. I know it is impossible to please everybody, but we need to always do the best for our clients. I had times when I felt tired with everything and didn’t want to take more clients, however I realized that it was a valuable process that I had to pass for being a better person in my work and life.

What do you live the most about yourself ?

I am a hard working person. I never give up to do my best in every single thing I do.

The role fear plays in our daily lives. How do you keep motivated to overcome your fears ?

I believe positive people bring positive mind and life. Therefore, I always surround my self with positive energy. If someone or certain community bring you down and negative thing, better cut your relation with them. I keep focusing on my dream and sharing my love with people surrounding me. And of course, I believe that God never leaves me in every single thing I do.


I believe

You can if you think you can

Daily must have

 Eyebrow pencil


Small mirror for traveling

Notes ( I love write anything in my mind )

My phone

Things I love

My family

My fiance

My students and my team


Christmas with family

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